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Whiz Kids: Boy Scouts Greet Diners, Raise Funds

posted Apr 27, 2011, 8:35 AM by Jay Kline

Whiz Kids: Boy Scouts Greet Diners, Raise Funds

Members of Troop 369 in St. Louis Park held a Wednesday evening fundraiser at Applebee's.

By Michael Rose | Email the author | April 21, 2011

Editor's Note: Every week, St. Louis Park Patch will recognize an outstanding local youngster as a "Whiz Kid." If you would like to nominate someone, please click here. Group nominations are also welcome.

Whiz Kids: Earle Rivard and Nicholas Laignel

Ages: 12 and 14, respectively

Accomplishment: Greeted customers at Applebee's in St. Louis Park Wednesday as part of a Boy Scouts troop fundraiser. 

Key to Awesome-ness: Boy Scouts pride themselves on, among other things, being respectful toward others. That was clearly evident Wednesday evening in St. Louis Park.

Rivard and Laignel, who are both members of local Boy Scouts Troop 369, worked as greeters at Applebee's, opening the door for guests and welcoming them with a smile.

A number of those guests were dining with special fliers, which sent 15 percent of their bills to the troop, courtesy of Applebee's. The boys also had a donation box out. Money raised will go toward camping gear for upcoming trips.

But in going toward another hallmark of being a Boy Scout—service—the troop members had a suggestion box out as well, asking guests to give them tips for future community service projects. Last spring, the troop put up new bird houses in the west metro, and just last month the boys served food for an "Empty Bowls" community fundraiser in Hopkins. So look for these upstanding young men out in the community in coming months—perhaps greeting you somewhere with a smile.

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